Trisha Simpson: Pink House is Face of the Neighborhood

Trisha Simpson doesn’t want you to remember her face, but rather her house which may soon become a landmark along the route for the Susan G Komen® Triangle Race for Cure.  It’s the bright pink house on the corner of Bartmettler Street and Brooks Avenue near Meredith College in Raleigh, where the Race originates.

Trisha Simpson's pink house is a "Face" of the Race

Trisha Simpson’s pink house is a “Face” of the Race

The house became a “Face” of the Race when in January 2014 Trisha painted the 84-year-old Craftsman she bought  in 2010. It’s also memorable because it’s a water station, quenching many Race participants’ thirst at the half-way point of the 5K route.

One other icon you can’t help but notice is the BRA-VO tree that will be in Trisha’s front yard adorned with an assortment of bras she collects in advance from those willing to donate. This year she hopes to fill the large tree.

Trisha hosts a Pink Porch Party each year during the Race inviting friends, co-workers and even celebrities. Last year, an invitation was delivered to David Sedaris while he spoke at a local bookstore and this year, after attending three of his concerts, she delivered one to Bruce Springsteen via his security team at the Raleigh show.

“I know neither one will ever come, but I can always hope,” laughs Trisha. “Besides, the real stars are the survivors.”

Those who do attend the yard party, enjoy pink champagne and pink mimosas as they lounge on outdoor furniture moved to the front yard to cheer on the runners, walkers and others along the Race route.

“It’s fun to watch everyone who has committed their morning to the Triangle Race for the Cure,” says Trisha. “We also greatly enjoy the music provided by the volunteers who work the water station. The music starts out soft and mellow early in the morning then becomes happier and happier throughout the Race.”

Neighbors also celebrate the Race. Shortly after Race participants pass Trisha’s pink house, they’re met by the Bartmettler Street Squirts – the legion of children and adults with water guns, misters, fans and sprinklers gladly directed at any runner seemingly in need of a cooling spray. Some folks found the mannequin that stood for many years on the front porch, naked save her pink bra, unforgettable.

While not directly affected by breast cancer, Trisha does use the Race as an opportunity to pay homage to her mother, a victim of colon cancer. As Trisha puts it, “I don’t have a colon cancer fundraiser going right past my house, so it seems right that I honor her by supporting this wonderful event.” She needn’t look far though to find someone affected by the disease. She has a coworker who has launched a Race team in support of a sorority sister with breast cancer.

So, if you’re on the Race route this year, turn left at the pink house where Trisha’s invited guests will be cheering you on. If you’re not concerned about setting a new personal best time for the route, stop by and maybe you’ll see the Boss or at least hear him playing from the boom box.

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