Survivor Story – Kiella


I had only been married for 1 year to my co survivor Jamal Molden.   We had the most beautiful wedding and we traveled so much our first year of marriage. Just a few months shy of our one year anniversary (11/5) I was diagnosed.

In August 2012 I noticed a small bump that felt like a marble on my right breast.  After a mammogram,  breast MRI and needle breast biopsy, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on October 4, 2012.  Triple negative breast cancer is one of the most aggressive sub types of breast cancer.  From that day forward my fight began and there was no turning back. The life I knew was changed forever with that devastating news.  My first lumpectomy surgery was unsuccessful on Oct.31, 2012.  After five minutes of surgery, I had anaphylactic reaction to the blue dye used to locate my lymph nodes.  I spent the afternoon in ICU recovering.  My second lumpectomy was scheduled on Nov. 8, 2012, one day before my birthday. The cancerous tumor was successfully removed, and my  lymph nodes came back clear of any cancer.   With that great news, I still had a long road ahead.  I began 1 of 4 chemotherapy treatments on Dec. 21, 2012 and completed chemotherapy on Feb. 22, 2013. I completed radiation therapy on May 2, 2013.

I am now a mom of two beautiful children.  My daughter Amal is 5 years old and my son Jamal Jr is 3 years old.

Breast cancer is treatable if detected early.  Please join my team, donate, and participate for a cause that forever changed my life. Your contribution will help other women fight.

A special thank you to Dr. Gayle DiLalla at Tolnitch Surgical Associates, Dr. Michael Spiritos at Duke Cancer Center, Rex Breast Cancer Center, the Molden & Pate Family, friends and anyone else that was apart of this life changing experience.

Thank you!

Kiella Molden