Sherry Huffer: The Face of a Monthly Sustainer

My friend Beth had beautiful long blond hair.  She was smart and she was funny, and when she became sick with breast cancer, I didn’t hesitate to move to the Triangle to help her. With the support from me and from her many friends, she fought.  Beth fought long and hard, but it wasn’t enough. In August of 1998 she lost her battle.  I’m sure many of you have lost friends or family to cancer, and you know that words can’t describe the loss.

sherry hufferSince Beth’s passing, I’ve run in the Komen Triangle Race for the Cure® in her memory.  This year, I found another very personal reason to run – I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had been training for the Race when a mammogram found two tumors.  Then, an MRI showed that I had several more tumors and not just one type of breast cancer, but two.  My doctor said that I was lucky to have found the first breast cancer because it revealed the second, more aggressive cancer.  While I did feel lucky, I also felt scared.

Although the tumors were all in one breast, I chose to undergo a bilateral mastectomy.  I didn’t want to worry about breast cancer ever again.  My surgery was scheduled for Friday, June 13, one day before the Triangle Race.  I sent an email to the running group I was mentoring for the Race, telling many of them for the first time that I had breast cancer.  I asked them to run for me and to know that next year I would run with them and celebrate my first year as a survivor.

This October I became a monthly sustainer.  I’m donating in honor of Beth and in celebration of my health. I’m also donating because I have two nieces aged 21 and 19.  I don’t want them to face what I have faced or even worse, what Beth faced.  Please join me by becoming a monthly sustainer today.

If a monthly gift isn’t the right fit for you, please consider making a one-time donation.

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