Recent Research Breakthroughs

Susan G. Komen is focused on achieving our Bold Goal, to reduce the breast cancer mortality rate by 50% in the U.S. by 2026 and funding cutting-edge research is key to reaching our goal. Two studies have recently published their findings and both were partially funded by Susan G. Komen. 



Blood Test May Help Predict which Breast Cancers will Recur
The first research finding is focused on knowing if some women are more likely to have a chance of breast cancer recurrence. Dr. Joseph Saprano shared that a simple blood test could help determine if some women should stay on their preventative cancer drugs longer or if some women have a low chance of recurrence and can stop their treatment after 5 years.  To read more about this research study,


A New Weapon against Bone Metastasis? 

The second research finding is focused on metastasis in breast cancer patients, more specifically bone metastasis. The study focused on how the cancer cells and bone cells communicate with each other via molecular signaling, from studying this signaling they found that the molecule Jagged1 was key for cell to cell conversation. The researchers created an antibody, 15D11 that blocks Jagged1, which prevents communication, which in return prevents bone metastasis. They found this method of molecule blocking in conjunction with chemotherapy produced the best results and disabled bone metastasis. To read more about this research study, CLICK HERE.


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