Poplar Springs Christian Church Race for the Cure WINNING Team

Regina Brooks and Raquel Luster – Co-Team Captains

The Poplar Springs Christian Church (PSCC) Race for the Cure team has been in the “race” for over 15 years.  The PSCC Team is motivated to participate by the familiar faces they know either by being relatives, friends, fellow church disciples, or the person themself may be a thriver.  As one of the PSCC Race for the Cure Team Co-Captains, Raquel Luster is our other Co-Captain, I am motivated to form the team each year because I know the proceeds from the race make a difference in the lives of many.  In addition, the race funds are used locally in our community which is an added plus for motivating people to participate.  My Aunt Bonnie is my most immediate motivation for forming our team.  She is a thriver for over 30 years.  Aunt Bonnie is willing to encourage and inspire others through her journey experience.  She, too, serves and participates in her local Komen Race for the Cure team in Winston-Salem, NC. 

The fundraising strategies I use are very simple.  I found that simplicity of effort works.  Basically, I consistently send email messages to potential and existing team members and encourage them to invite others to be a part of this winning team.  😊  I also make both verbal and written announcements through various channels within the church including our website.  Finally, I use social media to solicit team members.  I encourage everyone to share information about joining our team through their social network. 

Racing virtually in 2020 was different.  Each year, I, along with our team, look forward to seeing others who share in our committed goal to eradicate breast cancer.  The race is a huge and pleasurable family reunion.  Many of our survivors [thrivers] enjoy the “extra” attention given in the Survivors Tent.  Although team members could participate from anywhere, it was different not to be amid the Komen Race for the Cure family.  As our team participated virtually, it was very inspiring to share photographs with our team and others who participated in the race on the Komen Race for the Cure site. 

Overall, my personal commitment remains to continue the great work Komen does for breast cancer research.  As long as this awful disease exist, I will be on the Komen Race for the Cure band wagon to form a team for cure.