Worship in Pink

WORSHIP IN PINK is a grassroots effort to partner the Komen North Carolina Triangle to the Coast Affiliate with local faith-based organizations to spread the lifesaving message of breast cancer early detection. Worship in Pink is a program designed to open the lines of communication about breast health, promote breast cancer education and celebrate the lives of those who have fought against breast cancer. Religious organizations in the Affiliate’s 29-County service area are encouraged to participate in spreading the message that early detection and effective treatment saves lives.

Our goal is for faith-based organizations to choose a representative who will be their “Worship in Pink Ambassadors.” The Ambassadors will coordinate breast health awareness event(s) that meet the needs of their congregations.  As part of Worship in Pink, the Komen North Carolina Triangle to the Coast Affiliate will provide you with ideas for your event, breast cancer statistics and fact sheets, a sample bulletin announcement, and educational materials.  You can receive up to 75 pre-printed pieces of breast health information materials (pamphlets, brochures bookmarks etc.), for no cost.  Additional breast health information materials can either be downloaded and printed by your congregation or ordered through our local affiliate with a requested donation of $15 per 75 pieces of pre-printed material.

Questions?  Please email Lolita Smith-Moore at lsmithmoore@komennctc.org or call (919) 493-2873.