2017 Finding Solutions Luncheon

Our 2017 Finding Solutions Through Science, Scholars and Survivors Luncheon was truly an inspiring, educational, and motivating event! This year our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Daniel Hayes from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, shared his important research study for the first time with our audience. His research focused on how long breast cancer patients should continue taking their hormone inhibitors. The data showed that even 20 years after diagnosis, patients with the most common type of breast cancer, hormone-positive breast cancer, face a risk of their cancer returning or spreading. This groundbreaking research will have significant implications for the long-term treatment of hormone-positive breast cancer patients. To learn more about his research CLICK HERE.

We were also very lucky to hear from Komen Scholars Dr. Kimberly Blackwell and Dr. Charles Perou, and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Erika Crosby during our panel discussion. All of these Komen funded researchers were able to highlight how their research is making a difference in the fight against breast cancer, and how Komen’s funding enables them to continue that research. Our affiliate is incredibly thankful to have world-renowned researchers working right here in the Triangle to find the cures for breast cancer. Together we are enabling research to continue, which in return will enable us to prevent and find the cures for breast cancer. A big thank you to our amazing sponsors, speakers, and supporters. We truly could not do this without you! 

2017 Award Winners

We also recognized four key individuals who continue to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer! These award recipients are truly passionate about being #MoreThanPink, and we were honored to award them at our annual luncheon! 

Spirit to Inspire
Diane Kerkhoff

Diane is a 22 year and 3-time breast cancer survivor, who has been a dedicated and active Race for the Cure committee member for nearly 20 years. In addition to acting as the Race Chair 3 times, Diane has led the tulip sales for Jeanne’s Garden, served as the Survivor Chair, and has been a member of the Grants Committee, the I Will Committee, Volunteer committee, and numerous others. Diane’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Not only has she met her “breast” friends through her volunteer work she has inspired all of us at Komen to be #MoreThanPink

Spirit to Impact
Xiomara Boyce

Xiomara immigrated to the United States at age 14 from the Dominican Republic, is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and has worked in community-based programs throughout Durham for the past 39 years. Currently, Xiomara works as a Patient Navigator at Duke Cancer Center and is the Founder and CEO of the Renacer Foundation, both of which serve families and provides them with access to critical resources. Xiomara is a true community organizer who works daily towards becoming a catalyst for change! 



Spirit to Involve

BASF was one of three new sponsors that welcomed Komen NCTC with open arms when we moved the Triangle Race for the Cure to the Frontier in Research Triangle Park in 2016. BASF really stands out for their team fundraising. BASF’s team’s encouragement and training helped them raise nearly $8,000 to support our local fight against breast cancer! Thank you BASF for your continued corporate support and team engagement! 

Maureen Thomas Jordan Spirit of Survivorship
Marge Morena

Marge is a two-year breast cancer survivor and a passionate supporter of our local affiliate. In the short time, she has been involved with our affiliate she has jumped right into making the Triangle Race for the Cure more lively with course and site entertainment. Marge also hosted her own luncheon in support of her Triangle Race team “Marge Madness for 3D Mammograms”, which raised over $6,000! Currently, Marge is geared up for the 2018 Triangle Race and is a member of the Community Engagement Committee. Her passion and leadership insprires us to always work harder and think outside of the box.