Are you struggling with the financial burden of breast cancer treatment?
We are here to help.


Financial hardships shouldn’t keep patients from getting the treatments they need, that’s why we created the Komen Treatment Assistance Program. We know medical treatments and care can be expensive, but there are additional costs that can prevent an individual from receiving the treatment they need. Eligible applicants may receive a $300 award once per 12-month period to help with treatment related costs.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to breast cancer treatment expenses such as:

  • Side-effect management medication (e.g. pain, anti-nausea, etc.)
  • Child care/elder care
  • Oral treatment medication (e.g. chemotherapy, hormone therapy, etc.)
  • Transportation to and from treatment
  • Durable medical equipment (e.g. oxygen tank, walker, etc.)
  • Lymphedema care and supplies
  • Food or groceries
  • Palliative care
  • Home health care

To be eligible for financial assistance applicants must:

  • Be in active treatment for breast cancer.
  • Reside in the United States, Washington, D.C., or any US Territory.
  • Have a household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Line.

Application Options

  1. Call Komen’s Breast Care Helpline at 1-877-GO-KOMEN (465-6636). A Komen Helpline specialist can determine if you are eligible and walk you through the application over the phone.

We can be reached from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday.

2. Download an application and apply.

  • Confirm eligibility.
  • Download a treatment assistance application now.
  • Email your complete application to 
  • OR mail your print application to:

Susan G. Komen
ATTN: Treatment Assistance Program
13770 Noel Road, Suite 801889
Dallas, TX 75380

For More Information

 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Care Helpline

Monday – Friday
9:00 am to 10:00 pm

  • Press #2 for our Breast Care Helpline
  • Ask for information about the Treatment Assistance Program
  • Habla in Español



Our Partner

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

As part of the organization’s Bold Goal to reduce current breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. by 2026, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is supporting to Komen’s Treatment Assistance Program.