Reduce breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026

Susan G. Komen NC Triangle to the Coast has launched the Bold Goal Movement to recognize those individuals who boldly invest in a community of action as we unlock the answers. With a gift of $500 or more, you can support the Bold Goal Movement to reduce breast cancer deaths by 2026. As a member, you will be able to track the progress of the Bold Goal from the inside by receiving access to special updates and opportunities. You can make a difference by giving boldly.

Thanks to our 2018-2019 Bold Goal Movement Members!

Wayne and Donna Anderson
Julie Andrews
Karl Angermeier
Kathy Barger
Pam Barrett
Colin Blakely
Leigh Bleecker
Laurie Blizzard
Tom Blue
John Boggs
Paul Boucher
Robert and Colleen Brethen
Elizabeth Brill
Bob Brooks
Charles and Regina Brooks
Michael Brooks
Maureen Brown
Kay Burgess
Diane Burnette
Frances Byrd
Phil Byrd
Willard Causey
Luisa Chenault
Beth Church
Mark Compton
Stacie Creech
Tracy Cyr
Quentin Dane
Ann Davis
Valencia Davis
Thomas Deubler
Leah Devlin
Denise Drawbaugh
Teresa Dunlap
Mary Eagan
Brandon Early
Ken Edwards
Jeremy Falcone
Joyce Fitzpatrick
Kristin Floyd
Paul Ford
Suguna Fowler
Linda Funke Johnson
James Gardner
William Gaston
Marcia Gibbs
Thomas Glasgow
Major Goodman
Dennis Grabowski
Danielle Gray
Craig Green
Janet and Ruth Griffin
Jeff Grote
Kathryn Grove
Tom Guild
Ken Gwynn
Linda Hall
Steve Hammel
Richard Harris
David Harvey

Dawn Hellwinkel
Suzanne Herman
Anne Herschler
Charles and Kim Hoffman
A. Lee Hogewood III
Keri Holbrook
Sandra Holden
Susan Holley
Sarah Hoverstad
David Huffstetler
Melissa and Jeff Inman
Anthony Jeffs
Elizabeth Johnson
Marian Johnson-Thompson
Mary Beth Johnston
George Jordan III
Sharon Kauffman
Renee Keel
Buddy and Jane Kelly
Jane Kendall
Diane Kerkhoff
Josh Knoll
Steve Kolinski
Robert Lehr
Mary Lemuth
Scott Levitan
Allison Lilly
Joan Lyle
Meredith Manz
Kim Markosfeld
Allen Mask
Robert Mason
Heather McKenney
Floyd and Patricia McLean
Carol Moore
Marge Morena
Debra Morgan
Bruce Morgen
Matt Morrell
Michael Morrell
Pam Morrell
Kathy Morris
Donna Moynihan
Mendi Nieters
Cynthia Nyberg
Andrew Olah
Linda Palmer
Fara Palumbo
James Pardue
Kate Payne
Ruth Peebles
Laura and Dave Perry
Mary Lou Price
Jonathan Queensberry
Terrill Ragin
Tyler Reese
Meg Revelle
Don Reynolds
Donna Rhode
Christy Rhodes

Joyce Richardson
Marlene Rifkin
Renee Riggsbee
Brittany Ritchie
John Rivers
Connie Roberson
Ed Roberson
Kristen Roberson
Kathryn Robinson
Teri Rodriguez
Kathryn Rogers
Karen Rowe
Tyler Rullman
Sue Sandberg
Debra and Jon Sasser
Elizabeth Savage
Matt Sawchak
Kirstin Saxon
Charles Scarantino
Joshua Scripko
John Sheridan
Robert Silver
Kathi Sippen
Allen Smith
Bryan and Judith Smith
Sondra Smith
Robert “Chip” Smithson
Ashley Snipes
Jacinda Snow
Tyler Anderson Spencer
Jane Spruill
Abbie Stanley
Donna Strickland
Paul Sun
Generosa Tabor
Katy Tam
Jeanne Tedrow
Rebecca Thompson
Becky Thornton
Alan Tietmeyer
Chris and Missy VanLokeren
Angela Vega
Michael Volpe
Leigh Warwick
Danielle Wellman
Bobby and Catherine Wetherington
James Whisnant
Shannon Williams
Ed and Carol Willingham
Carole and Brad Wilson
Janet Wilson
Bryony Winn
Mike and Anne Winters
Caterri Woodrum
Jeffrey Wren
Jonay Zies
Christine Zuorick

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