Community Grant Patient Stories

Susan G. Komen NCTC Community Health Grants invest in breast cancer screening, diagnostics, treatment, education, and patient navigation that serve uninsured or underinsured individuals in our 29 county service area. Below are quotes and stories from just a few of the individuals that received care thanks to our 2017-2018 Community Health Grant funding. 

Harnett County Health Department 

  • “Thank you for coming to Harnett County and providing this service.” 
  • “Thank you for being in a location where women can reach you. Awesome job.” 
  • “I was satisfied with everything, it is a great program to help women. Thank you!” 
  • “I learned a great deal at the breast cancer breakfast. I appreciate all of those involved in spreading awareness. Thank you!” 

Lincoln Community Health Center 

  • A local hairstylist learned about the Susan G. Komen NCTC Community Health Grant and was able to get a mammogram even though she was uninsured, thankfully the screening was clear. 


  • “Because I do not have insurance, I was unable to get my mammogram. But because of the Komen grant awarded to OIC, I was able to have my mammogram done as well as other tests and because of this, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. If it was not for the Komen grant, I may not have found out when I did.” 
  • “I was worried about being able to get my mammogram done because of lack of insurance. I heard about the breast health program at OIC and decided to come in. It is a blessing to me to be able to have my mammogram done and not worry about how I will pay for it. I am truly blessed.” 

Piedmont Health Services 

  • A 56-year-old patient who had never received a mammogram was prompted by her primary care provider to schedule a screening mammogram and thanks to our Community Grant she was able to receive a mammogram from Piedmont Health Services, Project Access Chatham County. 

UNC/REX Health Care 

  • A Patient in her 50’s received a free screening mammogram at a mobile mammography site visit after not receiving a mammogram for 10 years. 
  • Recently, a patient discovered a lump in her breast and was referred to the Rex Mammography Assistance program, she received a diagnostic mammogram and a breast ultrasound then was recommended for a biopsy and found out she had breast cancer. Thanks to the grant funding she received these services at no cost to her. 

FirstHealth of the Carolinas 

  • Many individuals in Moore County shared that without the Community Health Grant they would not have been able to afford a mammogram. 

Halifax Regional Medical Center 

  • An individual received financial assistance during her follow up screening mammogram, diagnostic screening, and biopsy, which unfortunately diagnosed breast cancer. Thanks to the Community Health Grant she did not have to take on the large financial burden of testing services. 

Novant Brunswick Medical Center 

  • A 49-year-old woman was unable to afford a mammogram because of lack of insurance and decreased income. Thanks to the Community Health Grant she was able to receive her mammogram, which showed that everything was normal. 

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